Gower Mole Catcher has the specialist pest control knowledge and latest products to manage and treat a diverse range of pests and to offer preventative solutions where concerns arise.

I have a RSPH (Royal Society for the Promotion of Health) Level 2 Certificate in Pest Control. This qualification is endorsed by the British Pest Control Association.

I have a LANTRA (the Sector Skills Council for environmental and land-based industries) certificate in Combined Vermin Control (Rats, Rabbits, Mice, Moles, Squirrels.) Please contact me to discuss your pest or vermin problem.

We deal with the following pest control in Swansea & surrounding areas


"We have used Justin on a number of occasions to tackle the mole problem on our golf course. He has identified the problems quickly and eradicated the moles efficiently. We will certainly use Justin again as he is very professional in what he does."

Dean Thomas
Head Green keeper
Pennard Golf Course


"After a frustrating year of DIY molecatching, I phoned Justin. He set the traps and caught the mole overnight. I am very relieved to be rid of the mole and grateful for the excellent service. Thank you".

Mr J Hole


"For those of us who have had mole problems in our gardens, the first priority is how to get rid of the mole! Justin was recommended to me by a neighbour, having contacted him I found him firstly to be very knowledgeable and efficient; he arranged to call, was prompt and handled the successful removal of the mole problem at my property in a very professional manner. I would thoroughly recommend Justin to anyone who has problems with moles."

Dave Jones.
Three Crosses, Gower.


"We had a mole infestation beyond our control and sought the help of a professional. We found the gowermolecatcher website via a link from the guild of British Mole Catchers and subsequently contacted justin. We found him to be personable, reliable, flexible and above all effective in solving our problem. Thank you Justin".

Paul Johnson
Head Green keeper
Pyle & Kenfig Golf Club

Rats & Mice


Rodents are known to spread disease and infections, damage buildings and contents and contaminate food. They are a pest in domestic situations but especially in a commercial environment as they can not only damage stock and your business reputation but can cause legal issues if you are found in breach of Health and Safety legislation that relates to your business.

I am able to eradicate rodent infestations in a professional, discrete and ethical manner whether in a domestic of commercial environment.

Rats & Mice


Insects such as cockroaches, wasps and ants can be a nuisance and sometimes very tricky to control. The size of colonies can quickly escalate and it is not always straight forward to locate the nests. As a result it is important to deal with nests as early as possible – wasps become more aggressive in late summer and it is much safer to deal with them earlier in the year if possible. I can not only control insect populations but give advise in terms of preventative measures for the future.

Rats & Mice


There are a variety of reasons for managing urban bird pests. These reasons generally involve health and safety (such as human disease transmission, insect and mite infestation), property damage / image and personal safety (bird droppings are a serious slip hazard).

Many different treatments exist in this specialised sector of pest control and indeed, every infestation is different. I have attended an 'Urban Bird Control & Management' course provided by the British Pest Control Association and I'm fully able to advise you on the most appropriate method of bird management.

I provide a full control service using the latest birdproofing techniques to eliminate the potential threat to the health and safety of your customers, your family or yourselves.

Rats & Mice



I can put professional trapping program together to clear woodlands, parks, gardens and houses by means of trapping or shooting, depending on the needs of the customer.


Again can be removed by means of trapping or snaring and then dealt with accordingly.


Mink are ferocious animals and will devastate the local wildlife not to mention the local fish stocks. I have the necessary traps to deal with mink.


Rabbits have the ability to breed very quickly therefore increasing in numbers before you know it, I can either trap snare or shoot rabbits depending on the customer's needs.


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